Greg Bills was born and raised in Austin, TX and has a passion for building custom homes. With experience in running both a remodeling and building company from the young age of 19, coupled with his education in Building Technology and Construction Management, he is well experienced and confident in any aspect of building and home remodeling. In the many homes Greg has built, there is not much he hasn’t seen. Greg is always up for a challenge and ready to take on what many other builders might turn away. With customer satisfaction to back it up, Greg has the skills and experience to make your vision a reality.

Our Testimonials

It was an absolute pleasure to work with GBCH and watch Greg in action. Our upstairs bathroom was in desperate need of attention and needed to be completely remodeled from the floor to the ceiling. After our first conversation with Greg, we were confident that he could do the job to our standards so much so that we decided to remodel the whole upstairs. He wasn’t afraid to let us know if one of our ideas wasn’t the best solution. With his expertise, he was able to make suggestions that were practical and affordable. Plus, he would think of things that we never even considered such as resest lighting to make the room look bigger. He’s hands on every step of the way ensuring that the work is done correctly and esthetically pleasing. We can hardly believe our eyes when we walk upstairs. He did an amazing job! In fact, we’re in the process of planning the downstairs remodel with GBCH, which will include an add on. We can’t wait to see the final product! I know we won’t be disappointed! I look forward to working with Greg in the future.

Glenda and Terry

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I would like to pass on my personal experience in dealing with Greg Bills during the entire construction process of my new custom waterfront home.

This was a night and day different experience from having my first custom waterfront home built a couple decades earlier. Greg is not only knowledgeable, proficient, and honest, but he actually takes great pride in his work. Rather than simply telling me what I wanted to hear during construction, and trying to wiggle out of his obligation soon after taking possession, Greg showed his true character. He stands by his work without excuses.

During construction, Greg kept a good eye on everything from expenses through quality. He worked with and kept me informed throughout the entire process. He watched out for and protected our interests when dealing with all of the various subcontractors. Once we moved in, Greg was on top of any fine tuning or follow up, to ensure that we were completely satisfied with our new quality product.

In essence, I would rate my new energy efficient Greg Bills Custom home as five stars. In addition, and something that you might not hear too often from people who have had custom homes built, I would actually hire Greg again. Greg is always welcome at our home and has an open invitation to show others this high caliber product.

Capt. Tom Cleary

GBCH is a company where the owner gets personally involved. We had no problems making changes, getting answers to any questions, and being kept in the loop as construction progressed. That alone is amazing. We have dealt with larger companies before and experienced confusion and frustration. Greg Bills cares about his clients and about getting things right and on time. We often watched him work alongside his subcontractors, making sure they did their jobs right. The building was great, but the best part was the knowledge that Mr. Bills cares enough to be on the spot and welcomes any feedback and communication with us.

Terri M

I contacted Greg Bills, along with several other contractors, regarding a kitchen remodel. I ended up going with GBCH because his prices were fair and I was impressed with Greg’s knowledge in the area, as well as his willingness to collaborate with me to help me create the kitchen I always wanted. He was able to put into action things I was having a hard time even vocalizing. Greg was able to get the remodel done in less time than originally estimated and minimize the disruption to our family in the process. What most impressed me was that Greg was personally there each step of the way to oversee the progress, make sure that each detail was handled perfectly and to top standard (if anything was less than perfect, he had it corrected immediately), and was checking in with me to make sure I was satisfied. Now, everytime I go into my kitchen and look at the beautiful cabinets, countertops, tiles, etc., I know I made the right decision to go with GBCH and would certainly call them with ALL my home construction needs. Thank you Greg and GBCH!

Amanda and Travis Yonker

We hesitated forever to replace our old rusty single unit shower. We called GBCH and within two weeks of placing the call we are using our new beautiful custom shower with a glass door. Sooo glad we made the call!

Carrie Graves

We hired Greg Bills Custom Homes to build our forever home on the Guadalupe RIver and we could not be happier. The process was as stress free as possible and finished two weeks earlier than the allotted build time. Greg paid exceptional attention to the finishing details. Every time we look over our pristine outdoor kitchen coupled with an amazing lawn, or stare at the amazing tile work in the bathrooms and kitchen, we are filled with a warm feeling and confidence that we picked the right builder. Since then Greg has come back to add an extra garage and some features to our backyard. Greg Bills Custom Homes is our first choice for all our estate needs.

Marrisa and George Boultin

Greg Bills built a fine house for us at our ranch. We had a design in mind, and he finished it out to be more and better than we had anticipated. Heavier 2×6 framing made it stronger and made more room for insulation, plus using foam to give us an ever higher R-value, our electric bill has
never been higher than $125/month. We are very happy, especially when people come into the house and their eyes grow in wonder at the beauty of the rustic interior. More than we expected!

Danny G